Amazing Tips to Help You Keep Your Commercial Refrigeration System Functional


Large industrial and manufacturing companies such as beverage, food processors, chemical and pharmaceutical companies have been using ammonia refrigeration systems for a very long time. This is because ammonia possesses very unique thermodynamic characteristics making it very ideal for use in refrigeration. Most of these refrigeration systems also provide a chiller tray which is the coldest part of a fridge and is used to store highly perishable products to ensure they stay longer. Below are incredible tips to help keep your industrial refrigeration system functional and running. 

Analyze Compressor Oil 

Industries with ammonia refrigeration systems also have an oil pot as well which must regularly be drained for better functionality. Before draining the oil take a small sample and send it to a lab of your choice for chemical analysis. Therefore, it is the outcome of the analysis that will determine if the oil requires to be replaced or not. This needs to be done manually by a professional to avoid unnecessary spillage of ammonia. 

Installing Dual Relief Valves

Traditionally most of the ammonia refrigeration systems in most industries contained a single relief valve and this really compromised its functionality. Having dual relief valves is an added advantage as it improves performance and durability. While one valve is being serviced, the second valve is responsible for maintaining pressure on the refrigeration system. This means that no workers will be needed to pump down the tool during its maintenance and this is a way to make the system even more durable. 

Keep a Daily Log 

The most important step to maintaining your refrigerator or a chiller plant system is by keeping a daily log. This helps you take note on daily occurrences and features of the system ranging from temperature and pressures to volumes. These logs are very crucial as they help you know when your industrial refrigeration system is not functioning correctly. 

Keep Tubes Clean 

If you want to maintain good performance on your industrial refrigeration system, ensure that your tubes are always clean for efficient heat transfer. Some contaminants such as scale and algae may lead to clogging of the tubes. This increases the rate of thermal resistance within the system, which could highly compromise the functioning of the system. 

Generally, a refrigeration system means success to your company or industry. This is because it highly reduces the chances of having to get rid of many products that have gone bad due to a poorly functioning system. 

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29 June 2019

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